Court Bonds

Guarantees that the Principal (Bank) will pay the Plaintiff the amount of judgment plus any accrued interest should the Principal/Appellant lose its appeal.

Cost Bonds

Guarantees that the Principal will pay court costs associated with initiating a legal action and/or appealing a case to a higher court.

Discharge of Mechanic’s Lien Bonds

Releases a lien that has been filed with the Public Trustee against real estate for an amount claimed for labor and material furnished for construction of a building or improvement; pending final determination of the owner’s liability, the owner may release the lien by posting a bond for payment of any amount that may be found due to the individual filing the lien.

Indemnity to Sheriff Bonds

Protects the sheriff from a suit being brought by the party whose property is being seized by an order of possession or writ of execution.

Plaintiff’s Attachment Bonds (aka Sequestration Bonds)

Issued on behalf of Plaintiff who is seeking to attach a piece of property held by the Defendant to secure payment of a debt.

Replevin Bonds (aka Claim & Delivery Bonds)

Issued for the Principal (Bank) to regain possession of property, pending outcome of the court action; subject to its terms, this bond guarantees redelivery of the property to Plaintiff, if ordered to do so, or otherwise to comply with court order or judgment.