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Notary Surety Bonds

Most states require that a notary, or an individual who has applied for appointment as a notary, purchase a surety bond to protect the public from negligent mistakes or dishonest acts by the notary. Typically, the bond guarantees the notary will truly and faithfully perform and discharge all the duties of the office of notary public according to the law. The bond form also guarantees payment to all parties for monetary damages suffered as a result of any failure by the notary to discharge their duties.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: A notary surety bond provides coverage for damages to anyone who has sustained monetary damages resulting from a notary’s misconduct or negligence.

A: No. A notary surety bond is written with the expectation that the notary public will faithfully perform the duties of the office as notary public as prescribed by state laws. An insurance policy expects losses based upon calculated probabilities. A notary surety bond has the same elements as a bank’s letter of credit. The surety company guarantees its credit to a person or organization in the event that the notary fails to perform his or her notarial duties faithfully.

A: Contact your state’s commissioning authority for further instructions because eligibility requirements are strictly followed by most states. If you were required to file the bond within a specific time in order to be appointed as a notary public and you failed to do so, you will likely have to start the application process all over again.